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Gate Crashing by David Soong
Feb 2014

Hello, everyone. We ve been privileged to be around so many beautiful weddings and we ve had the chance to be inspired by many of those that have given so much attention into the details of their most memorable day. Because we know it would be really selfish of us to keep it all to ourselves, we d like to share it with you. About half a year ago, we sort of got this new segment rolling and did a post on Boutonnieres. (You can check out the post here.) This time, we want to talk about Gate Crashing. No, no. Not those annoying kind of gate crash where people show up uninvited. We want to talk about the Singapore/Malaysian tradition that have become more and more common to have during modern Chinese weddings. 

Some couples like to opt to meet at the venue and be wow-ed by each other s radiant beauties, but in some cultures, during the traditional Chinese ceremonies especially, it is common for the groom to go to the bride s house to fetch her and to bring her into his home. Now, before he gets to see his bride, here is where the fun lies, because the brides sisters or bridesmaids are tasked to test the groom and his brothers through a series of games and challenges. Here he will experience the four tastes of marriage – sweet, bitter, sour and salty. The experience is usually divided into three parts. First the test of patience. When the groom arrives at this bride s house, her little brother will open the car door for him. If he s lucky, he won t have to wait too long. After that, he will be brought into the house and into her room. But before he goes to see her, he will have to go through the series of challenges that the bridesmaids have prepared for him and his men. This is the gate blocking. If he s lucky, he won t have to suffer for too long. The series of challenges range from push ups to leg waxing or weird juice consumption, to role reversals and a show of dance moves. The goal is to collect as much red pockets from the sisters as he can to get the door open.

The last bit is the meeting of the bride. After completing the series of challenges, the groom enters the bride s room to lift her veil and kiss her. This is usually followed by a tea ceremony before the groom brings his bride into his home. 

We always have so much fun at the gate crashing sessions. It s always so exciting to see what the sisters have in store for the groom. Most of the time, we get a good laugh out of it. Anyone have any memorable gate crashing sessions that you d like to share with the group?



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