Photography : Family
by Winson by Winson
Sep 2013

Family is, heaven sent from our father above, bonded by the power of love. No matter what family has each others back, when push comes to shove. Family is, understanding, never demanding, all for one and one for all, I will never leave you alone standing. Family is, one in itself, my love is your love, your pain is my pain, my wealth is your wealth, I promise to never leave you by yourself. Family is, the strongest team, the strongest unit; if love could be visualized, family would be the blue print. Family is, forgiveness and patience, it’s sweeter than the sweetest fragrance, the power of family is a reflection of Gods compassion and magnificence. Family is, never turning our back, and never shames, lend my helping hand and not a finger pointing the blame. No matter what a family bond can never be broken, even through a nuclear explosion, if one of us lives we all live. Forever to eternity, we are family,

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