Axioo outing 2013
Malacca by David Soong
Apr 2013

Everything you see on our beloved – the photos, the stories, and everything you love about it – may seem to be the work of a handful of people. But it’s not. Every masterpiece is a result of the hard work and dedication of many. It takes a village to pull off what we do everyday … a very talented village, I might add. So as a thank you to our unsung heroes, the mighty people behind AXIOO, we went on a four-day getaway to Johor and Malacca.

Having fun is what we do best, so made good use of our strength and had a blast together. The best part has got to be, hands down, the crazy “running man” game we played throughout the trip. It reached the peak in Legoland where each team battled for the most points, ripping opponents name from their backs! It was so much fun! Kudos to the game committee who put this all together.

Togetherness has always been the team’s strength I am most proud of. Having fun together brings everyone closer and energizes everyone to stare challenges in the face and bring creativity to a whole new level everyday. Fen and I could not be more grateful for this young, spirited and talented group of people we meet at the Axioo House day in and day out. They are our heroes.

Here are some pictures of our trip. Enjoy!


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