Harper’s Bazaar Kids
Photography by Fen by felicia
Mar 2013
This was my first ever magazine spread photo shoot. I was super thrilled and super excited, but super scared at the same time. Thoughts like “how is it going to turn out?” and “will they like it?” kept me awake for some time before the day. But looking at these pictures, I’ve got to extend a huge Thank You to Vero from Harper’s Bazaar. 
The idea for this shoot was pretty simple. It’s about a parade of fashionable little girls with their traveling companions, which also happens to be her pets. I love this, because I personally think that pets make the best of friends some times (well no, most of the time!) The shoot took place in Kebun Raya Bogor, a beautiful tropical garden in a city just a few minutes outside Jakarta, which tickled my nerves a little, since we were shooting in late February on a rainy season in the City of Rain. But all that worrying was for nothing, because I happened to be shooting with some of the world’s greatest creative minds, and the rushing and shifting from one idea to another easily became the funnest part of the whole day. 
There are a few things I learned on that day:
1) Taking pictures of children is a challenge. Add animals in to the scene, and you’ve got yourself an awesome combo. But when you love what you do, nothing can ever be too difficult. 
2) Taking chances and accepting challenges help you to grow. I love this quote “every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear” and I believe that. Choose to love what you do. While opportunities may some time hide behind mountains of obstacles, take the leap of faith in believing that you can do it. Plough through, until you finally see that opportunity, in blazing light, shining brightly in front of you. 
3) Last but not least. Two words for you. Shill Accessories. I fell in love with everything they got. Hairpieces, brooches, hats… they are all so adorable and unbelievably charming. One glance, and you’d wish to get your hands on all of them.
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