Moulin Rouge
Ricky & Liza by David by David Soong
Nov 2012

Remember how thrilling it is for us to work with concept photos? Well, we just had another chance to try to outdo ourselves once again. Ricky and Liza came to us a few months ago and talked about how they wanted to do something unique and different for their pre-wedding session. More than just a showcase of pretty outfits, they wanted portraits with a strong story and an artistic concept behind it. We jumped at the chance, and within seconds our minds were filled with sketches of settings, of lighting and of d cor. There were thousands of light switches coming on in our brains, and the ideas came rushing in almost felt like fireworks in our minds! We were excited!

Ricky and Liza were both up for almost anything. We heard their story and watched their chemistry, and we finally decided on concepts inspired by the Moulin Rouge era. We didn t think travel was called for, so we stayed back in our comfortable city and transformed our in-house studio into a theater. It was an amazing experience. Exploring every scene was just truly an out-of-this-world feeling for me! Think of great concept, set up an amazing stage and throw in two people madly in love with each other, and I have never been so turned on!

Great pictures don t have to be captured in far-away places with famous landmarks. Most of the time, all we need is to put on our thinking caps, turn on some light switches and create a playground for ourselves. And we simply can t wait for another couple who comes along looking to do something just like this!

As for Ricky and Liza who are tying the knot TODAY Congratulations, gorgeous people! May you have a blast on your wedding day and may your days be ever so sweet!




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